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Who We Are: Scarlett Wang

Born in 1972, Dr. Tianhong "Scarlett" Wang is an adult educator and trainer. She has been particularly interested in ETI ever since her early school years, and has contributed several fresh insights to the Invitation to ETI project. Her current interests include SETI, cultural and value systems of alien intelligence, and promoting the general public's awareness of SETI research.

Dr. Wang says, "Because I come from an old oriental culture, I am particularly interested in the cultural and value system of ETI, and how it shapes their society. For example, I am curious about their purpose of life, their definition of happiness, and their way of coping with challenges. My contact with Dr. Allen Tough during my M.A. and Ph.D. years at the University of Toronto increased my interest in this whole area." Currently residing in Beijing, Scarlett formerly served as Dr. Tough's research assistant, and project manager for Invitation to ETI, which she described at the 2004 CONTACT Conference (this photo was taken there, at the NASA Ames Research Center).

Scarlett Wang

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