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Who We Are: David Brin

Dr. David Brin is a scientist and bestselling novelist. He wrote Earth, The Postman, The Uplift War, The Transparent Society, and (at the request of Isaac Asimov's heirs) a grand finale to Asimov's Foundation Universe. Startide Rising won a Hugo and Nebula award. Much of his writing features provocative thought experiments about alien intelligence and SETI. In 2003, his book Kiln People! came in second for the Hugo Award for Best novel at the World Science Fiction Convention in Toronto. Most recently, Brin announced the arrival of his 3rd short story collection, TOMORROW HAPPENS. This special edition by NESFA Press contains nearly all of his stories that have appeared in magazines since OTHERNESS, plus a number of provocative essays. Puzzled and frustrated by ETI's lack of communication with humans, he addressed a lengthy hard-hitting letter to ETI. Called "Attention all alien lurkers: The people of Earth have a message for you," it appeared in the January 2000 issue of Science Fiction Age. He is currently writing two psychological thrillers. He describes himself as living in San Diego county with his wife, three children, and a hundred very demanding trees.

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