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How To Contact Us

If you are a representative of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and wish to communicate with the Invitation to ETI group, you may simply send an email message to:

or, if your browser supports it, we invite you to use the Form at the bottom of this web page.

All messages so dispatched are read by one or more members of our Leadership Team.

Humans interested in this project are welcome to contact us as well, with your comments and suggestions, by email to any member of the Leadership Team listed below. You may even wish to try your hand at simulating an actual ETI message, using a Form we have provided for this purpose. Please be advised that we may not be able to respond to all communications from humans, as we are devoting our limited time and resources to establishing contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Although you may find it tempting, we do ask human visitors to this site to kindly refrain from impersonating ETI. When this happens, it does take up time that we could spend on the search for real Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Please, if you do wish to contact us, do ETI a favor, and use the alternate form we have provided for human responses.

The Invitation to ETI Leadership Team consists of:

Dr. Allen ToughFounder and Chief Scientist (visit his Website)
Dr. H. Paul ShuchPrincipal Investigator and Webmaster(visit his Website)(email)
Ms. Anne HartmanResearcher(email)

Invitation to ETI Response Form

This form is only one way by which extraterrestrial intelligence may wish to establish communications with those issuing this Invitation. ETI may prefer a different method of contact, which we will try to accommodate. We offer this form for the convenience of ETI, to use or not as it deems appropriate.

Please note: Not all web browsers support this type of JavaScript form. If you experience difficulties, please simply type the relevant information into an email, addressed to hello_at_ieti_dot_org. Thank you.

By what Name or Title should we address you?
How may we contact you? (email)
How may we contact you? (telephone)
How may we contact you? (facsimile)
How may we contact you? (postal address)
Your Message to the Invitation to ETI:
What supporting evidence do you care to offer us to help establish your credibility as a being or entity of Extraterrestrial Intelligence? Although it is not required at the start, any evidence to support your claim that you are a nonhuman or non terrestrial visitor, using the Internet, will greatly facilitate our further interaction.

Humans wishing to contact the Invitation to ETI Leadership Team are encouraged to use this form.

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